• 1. Background of Establishment

    In 2013, President Xi put forward the proposal of the Belt and Road Initiative. The report in the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that we should lay equal emphasis on “bringing in” and “going out” to make new grounds in opening China through links running eastward and westward, across land and over sea. Shandong Provincial government proposed that we should create a new opening financial development highland with high level. Qingdao as an important innovation Center in eastern coastal areas, is the major node city and strategic pivot city on economic corridor of Belt and Road New Eurasian Land Bridge. Licang District, the central district on the eastern coast of the Jiaozhou Bay in Qingdao, connects the North and South while linking the East and West and serves as the joint of people and goods flow, cash flow and information flow. Meanwhile, Licang District, which enjoys exceptional advantage of joining the Belt and Road Initiative, is constantly exploring the new mode, new route and new system of opening economic corporation and has established the Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation Center which is hailed as 21st Century Belt & Road Station.

  • 2. Nature of Center

    Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation Center as a comprehensive collaborative innovation platform servicing Belt and Road Initiative, is one of the four major development platforms supported by the local government. Qingdao International Academician Park, Amazon AWS Joint Innovation Center and Qingdao Cross-border E-Commerce Industrial Park and BRCIC become four backbones for innovation of local system and powerful engines for the conversion of old kinetic energy to new one . BRCIC, through combining Belt & Road national high-quality resources, positively exploring collaborative innovation system of Belt and Road national communications, and strives to become the innovative implementation and lively practice of Belt and Road Initiative in Qingdao.

  • 3. Operation Mode

    The Belt and Road comprehensive collaborative innovation platform-Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation Center upholds the Principle of achieving shared growth through discussion and collaboration, through bringing in business, finance, culture, education and other related company, consortia, organization of countries along and related to Belt and Road Initiative to establish economy and trade contact Center. Chinese party and foreign parties corporate and focus on collaborative innovation in “Five Sections” and “Ten Fields” to achieve respective development on the international platform of Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation Center. Five Sections: economy and trade corporation, investing finance, culture and tourism, education and medical care, and international media. Ten Fields: Infrastructure, intelligent manufacture, mining trade, home appliances, port trade, tourism, education, sports, culture, and insanity.

  • 4. Purpose and Goal

    Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation Center based in Qingdao, covering the country and expanding globally, insists openness and inclusiveness and mutual benefit and win-win. The goal is that up to 2020, we can set up 100 branches in important Belt & Road national node cities, help ten thousand overseas students study in Qingdao and improve investing and consuming to over 100 billion RMB in total in Five Sections.

  • 5. Achievements

    Since establishment in May, 2017, Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation Center has held events and accomplished achievements as follows: 16 countries have already moved into their liaison offices in BRCIC; 38 countries have signed agreements with BRCIC; we are negotiating with 50 countries and have exchanged visits with 88 countries. As for Economy and Trade Section, we reached agreements with countries such as Kazakhstan, Ghana and Niger to establish trade platforms for bulk commodity such as crude oil, wood, cotton, ore. We established joint venture companies in Qingdao with Armenia, Serbia and other countries for business trade in red wine, vodka and other alcohol products. We brought in Shandong Lu Tuo to establish a branch in Licang District and reached a preliminary agreement with Ministry of Agriculture of Congo(Kinshasa) and Republic of Congo in constructing modern agricultural industrial parks in those two countries. In Investing Finance Section, we gained preliminary permission for management of insurance company in some african countries and reached strategic cooperation with West African Development Bank to set up an international financial channel with all financial licenses to provide related financial data service for Chinese companies which hope to develop overseas market. On port construction and shipping trade, we reached strategic corporations with some logistics related countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. In Culture and Tourism Section, we reached an intention on building cultural and ecological tourism Belt and Road lines with 26 countries. We also reached agreements with 45 countries such as Kazakhstan,Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Gambia, Morocco, Bulgaria etc to jointly build Belt & Road Style Villages in Qingdao. All above is to achieve two-way communication and cooperation in tourism and culture. In Education and Medical Care Section, EduChinaLINK, based on ten years’ experience and four original business sections, started Overseas Education Project and already reached an intention with related countries on setting up primary schools, university-preparatory schools and colleges etc. At the same time, we started “Big Ball & Small Ball Communication, Belt & Road Cooperation” project. We have talents exchanges and cooperation with Serbia and Ghana on football, basketball and table tennis, and have signed an agreement to set up football schools. In the international media section, we enjoy close exchanges with media from Asia, Africa, Europe and America to form a global media alliance for interconnected development.

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BRCIC Park First-phase / Second-phase

Belt and Road Collaborative Innovation Center located at the east part of Licang District, is adjacent to the site International Horticultural Exposition 2014. Enjoying a favorable environment and location, BRCIC is 18 minutes from the airport, 15 minutes the Qingdao North Railway Station, 10 minutes the subway line 3.

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Belt & Road Europe Center

Belt & Road Europe Center is located on the south of Belt Road Europe Center, covering an area of 13000m with area of structure 22000m2. It aims to promote China-Europe bilateral economic cooperation and set departments, such as Integrated management office, development research office, economic projection office, cooperation registration office, information and resource office, E-government technology office, education and training office. It satisfies various of demand for China-European enterprises cooperation based on high starting point, high level requirement and one-stop service.

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Belt & Road Asia Center

Belt & Road Asia Center coves an area of 5300m with area of structure 12000m The specific history and actuality decides the broader responsibilities of belt Road Asia Center. The main responsibility of Belt Road Asia Center is to guide, harmonize, and inspect the economic cooperation among central Asian countries, and provide adequate and systematic support on policy service, information service, training service, language service and finance service.

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Belt & Road America Center

The Center engages in promoting the cooperation between China American countries in terms of education economy and trade and finance. It boasts a great number of professional talents in bilateral and international transactions and provides a series of supporting services.

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Belt & Road Africa Center

Belt & Road Africa Center coves an area of 5700㎡ with area of structure 3000㎡ Belt Road Africa Center is focusing on providing a series of support for governments, sister institutions, multilateral investment enterprises, meanwhile gives consideration to strategic research of africa development with an emphasis on economy and resources in African countries and research on China-Africa economic and trade relations. sticking to the internationalization path, amplifying the academic communication with African and international scholars, promulgated China's policy toward Africa, enhancing mutual understanding seeking benefit for Chinese and African enterprises. Besides, Belt Road Africa Center plans to hold international high-level Sino-Africa cooperation forum and make it into highest level summit meeting with top-ranking influence.


Located in the southeast part of Shandong Peninsula and on the coast of Huanghai Sea,Qingdao is in the bay area of jiaozhou and looks to South Korea and Japan from a distance over the sea.Qingdao is one of the five Proposed cities under the direct jurisdiction of the central government.


Located in the central area of Qingdao,facing Laoshan Mountain to the east,Jiaozhou Bay to the west,Licang District aims to build an innovative garden-like central district that is ideal for enterprising,residence,improving people's well-being and soundness.

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